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Hunter Wood with enormous sailfish

Guatemalan sailfish - Vela!

Fish Call Charters now offers Guatemalan Fishing Adventures hosted by Capt. J.R. Waits during the months of December, January, and February. Guatemala offers arguably the best billfishing in the world! Our main target are Pacific sailfish which average about 100 pounds, much larger than their Atlantic counterpart. There are also very good chances for blue marlin and even striped and black marlin are possible. The fishing grounds are typically 8-12 miles offshore but like anywhere, sometimes the fish are farther. Another great thing about Guatemala is the ocean is often calm, sometimes like a bathtub! The boats average over 15 sailfish releases per day. Fish Call clients released 50 sailfish in one day in 2016. The sheer number of shots makes this place incredible for fly fishing. The mates tease the fish to the boat and then angler makes a short 25' cast as the mate pulls the teaser from the water. It is beautiful dance to watch! The captain and mates are so good at this that even first-time fly fisherman can catch a sailfish on the fly. There is no better place in the world to target sailfish on the fly! Not only billfish, but we also regularly catch dorado (mahi, dolphin-fish) which quickly becomes sashimi and grilled lunch on the boat. Yellowfin tuna and wahoo are also a possibility but less frequent. Book your Guatemalan Fishing Adventure with Capt. J.R. to experience some of the world's best offshore fishing.

high flying sailfish off Guatemala

50 sailfish released in a single day, 2016

Sailfish on the fly!!

Jose & J.R. with a beautiful sailfish

300+ pound blue marlin, 2017

rare black marlin, 350 pounds, 2015

dorado, mahi, dolphin, YUMMY!

fresh mahi, best boat lunch ever!

The charter boats leave out of Pez Vela Marina on the west coast of Guatemala, about a 90 minute drive from Guatemala City. We fish aboard the Captain Hook, a 43' Willis sportfisher. This is one of the top boats in Guatemala, and holds the world record for the most sailfish landed in a single day, 124 sails! The captain and crew of this boat are some the best in the world! Not only are they incredible fishermen, but they are incredible people as well. We are taken care of on the boat with plenty of cold drinks, beers, and one of the best boat lunches in the world! They also provide top of the line conventional tackle and fly equipment. Captain Hook's schedule fills up very quickly so must book this one early.

Pez Vela Marina, Guatemala

Captain Hook, 43' Willis

January 4-6, 2018

another sailfish falls for the fly!

We have located an excellent rental house for our fishing adventures. The house is located just a few minutes from the marina in San Marino. The San Marino neighborhood is a high-end gated community on a series of canals. There is also a private black-sand beach in San Marino for swimming in the Pacific Ocean! The house is very large with 5 bedrooms and 2 living areas as well as a large outdoor area with pool. We have a private chef, a maid, and a driver while we are there. Chef Kelli will have appetizers and welcome drinks ready when we come in from fishing. The breakfasts and dinners are excellent traditional meals. All drinks, water, and beer are also included. The captain of the charter boat runs the rental property so if the boat is available, then the property is available as well. This place is just right for our fishing adventure.

Capt. J.R. Waits will come along on your Guatemalan Fishing Adventure to make sure everything goes smoothly and to take pictures/video from your trip. Clients receive all photos, and a video produced by Capt. J.R. like the YouTube videos below. The trip is all inclusive except airfare to Guatemala City and gratuities to boat crew and lodge staff. The standard trip is 4 nights with 3 days of offshore fishing and includes all lodging, meals/drinks/beer, and transportation in Guatemala. This trip works best with 4 anglers, but can be booked with more or less. The package cost for 4 anglers is typically $2700-3000 per person. A 50% deposit is required to book your Guatemalan Fishing Adventure. Please contact Capt. J.R. Waits as early as possible to book your fishing trip.

Duppy catches first ever sailfish on the fly!

Full video for Virginia Group 2017, 20min

See more fishing videos by clicking on YouTube at bottom of page

Beautiful Pacific Ocean

Smitty with huge dorado

Black Marlin

skying dorado

breaching humpback whale

nose-diving sailfish

Harkey Family - March 7-9, 2016
Sailfish raised-175/bites-144/released-110

Guatemalan Volcanoes

Virginia Group - January 22-24, 2017
Sailfish raised-74/bites-59/released-34

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